Resolutions in July: Re-focus Your Life Halfway through the Year

Summer is the perfect time to get back on track!

I make resolutions every year, and then forget about them for awhile. As long I as I remember to check back in with them, I can usually kick-start a few that haven’t worked out, and refine those that might be faring better. It’s time for a check!

  • Plan a vacation: The resolution was to relax and take a vacation. We actually do have a vacation planned, but it’s not a relaxing kind. I think that’s OK, and that planning any vacation is a huge step for me. We also have a couple of tiny trips planned around weddings and visitors, and we will go camping. I still really need to work on making relaxation a priority though!
  • Simple living, with meaning: I really let this one slip. I was working toward a simpler, less consumer-driven lifestyle, but in a more formal way. I still want to do this and I will renew the effort once school starts back up.  
  • Organize: I said in December, “My new plan is to paint one room a month, and I think I’ll have to have some residual cleaning/organization to get that done.” I have neither organized nor painted one room, let alone six. I can’t even keep one counter clear, so I’m not sure what it will take to get me organized, but I am ever the optimist. I’ll keep this one on my list! 
  • Drive less: I’d still love to go back to car-free Tuesdays, but our busy family life, complicated with having to make a living, just doesn’t support it. But there are opportunities I am not taking, buses we could board with ease, and I really need to make this a priority. OK, I’m refining this resolution. We’ll take one bus trip a week instead of driving, even if it’s just to the playground a little bit farther away. 
  • Volunteer: My goal was to find our volunteering situation by January 31, so we could be volunteering in February. Didn’t happen. The problem with our community is there are so many volunteers the opportunities get filled by the time I find them! Dang goody-two-shoes!

How are you doing on your resolutions? I hope better than me! If anyone has any great ideas about how to keep resolutions, or whether to make them in the first place, let me know!

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I think I'm doing well with my resolutions: exercise, reduce my carbon footprint, take better care of myself Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul, be a better person over-all. I could be eating better, but that is a daily thing for me to keep in mind.

The thing that has helped me the most with my resolutions is that I remind myself of them daily - especially upon waking and going to bed. There are days I slip or slide, but I remind myself that sometimes we I need a break or that it is ok to miss one workout. I am human after-all. I fall down. It's defeat only if I don't get back up.

Here's a quote I heard once that helps me put Life and my living it in perspective: Is it Life that is getting in the way or is it me getting in the way of Life?

Wishing you all the best on your path.

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