Resistance Is Not Futile

Money might be tight these days, which may have caused you to take a “break” from the gym. Or, now that the weather has warmed up, you are taking your cardio routine outside. Cardio is easy to do without a gym — take a run or a walk, jump rope or go for a bike ride. But resistance training outside of the gym, away from the free weights and the machines, isn’t as easy to do.

How can you get your resistance training in, without going to the gym and without buying expensive home exercise equipment from late-night infomercials? All you need to invest in is some resistance bands — long pieces of colorful latex that will help you strength-train in a whole new way.

Many of us have never used a resistance band, thinking they were just used for stretching. Au contraire, mon frere! Using resistance bands can be confusing at first. But these long, colorful pieces of latex allow you to do many of the same strength training exercises that are traditionally done with dumbbells. The resistance created in the exercises does feel different than when you do the same exercise with a dumbbell; resistance band exercises feel similar to the cable machines at the gym.

Resistance bands are cheap, at about a little less than a dollar a foot. They often come as a roll of latex (much like aluminum foil or cling wrap), allowing you to cut different lengths, which offers you different levels of resistance. Another pro about resistance bands is that they are portable. Take your strength training routine on the road with you when you travel.

No matter what your fitness level is, resistance bands are easy to use. There are many different ways to use them and they allow you to strength-train many different areas of your body. Wrap the bands tightly for more tension or shorten the length of the band for greater resistance. You can attach the bands to doorways, furniture or other fixed objects helping to create innovative and effective exercises. Always research any new fitness routine before trying it. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) offers a handy “whole body” workout with resistance bands.

Enjoy your workout!

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