Relationship Rx: Gifts to Boost Your Love

Eco-friendly Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the hopeless(ly) romantic

So your relationship is pretty fantastic. And your lover is amazing. You couldn’t possibly be happier ... except for one little thing that’s bugging you. Sound familiar? Despair not! Whether your lover spends too much time watching television, thinking about themselves or going through the motions under the covers, we’ve got a gift that will rejuvenate your romance.

Diagnosis: Couch Potato

Rx: Activate!

Couch potato paralysis is a romance killer these days. Doctors everywhere blame glazed eyes and flabby bodies on addictive reality TV programming and, well, couches. It’s time to put the kibosh on the virtual world and load your partner up with some real live action. Grab a picnic basket and head to the park, or get your blood pumping on an intimate hike. Check out the American Hiking Society for walking trails, hikes and parks in your area — some even offer guided tours for lovebirds and stargazers on Valentine’s Day.

Diagnosis: Jaded

Rx: Entice

Jaded indifference is the technical term for those who don’t bother feeling deeply anymore. Luckily, in many cases, this blasé exterior merely encases, but does not penetrate, a tender interior (for visual reference, experts cite the cross section of a Tootsie Pop). Sudden movements around the jaded may lead to unwanted breakage, so we recommend you use caution and approach your sweetie with organic chocolate. Serve warm and enjoy the softening process. Check out our organic and fair trade chocolate buyer’s guide.

Diagnosis: Stressed

Rx: De-stress

Stress syndrome is a universal epidemic that afflicts Americans across every line of race, class, gender, and age. Analysts concude it is the single most contagious disease in the world today, as almost anything can cause stress. But nothing soothes the body like a good stretch, so grab your partner and head straight to the yoga studio. Even better, reserve a private yoga session for two (sometimes called Duets or Shared sessions), or start a yoga practice at home and sweat it out together.

Diagnosis: Emotionally Exhausted

Rx: Nourish

It is not uncommon for the emotionally exhausted to appear manic, overtired or undernourished — especially when they may have been reduced to a monotonous diet of mac ’n’ cheese or ramen noodles. If your partner looks pale from too many late nights at the office or too many days taking care of others, nourish them with a sumptuous homemade dinner. Try these three healthy aphrodisiac recipes.

Diagnosis: Technologically Dependent

Rx: Unplug

If your lover spends more time touching the computer than you, you’re dealing with a technologically dependent. Help them reconnect and feel sensual with a healing massage. We highly recommend products by companies like Good Clean Love, who do their part to “make love sustainable.”

Diagnosis: Self-centered

Rx: Expand

Does your lover have monovision? Can’t be troubled to put the seat down? Separate the recycling? The slightly narcisstic need your help to guide them toward expanded horizons. Kickstart their conscience and balance their impact with green miles that fund green energy from TerraPass. They’ll be on their way to carbon neutral with just one dose, and might even start thinking about the kind of energy they are putting out.

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