Quick and Eco-Friendly Fixes

Let’s face it. All this eco-crafting is great fun, and it’s wonderful to think we could save the planet by saving our bottlecaps, but the truth is, projects like these have a limited impact on the rampant consumer culture that drives the manufacture of all those bottlecaps to begin with.

On the other hand, the more we reuse on a day-to-day basis, the more uncomfortably decadent just discarding those bottlecaps begins to feel. So save them we do, but truth be told, we don’t always have time to do anything with them, let alone repair the things we already have. What do we do when there’s no time to do? Here’s a list of the quickest fixes we know.

  • Holey socks? Wear the pair of socks missing its toes with the pair of socks missing its heels for complete sock coverage. Yes, we’ve heard of darning. But honestly, we’ll never get around to it.
  • Safety pins aren’t just for punk rockers. The aesthetic was born from need as much as design. Your missing buttons can be easily camouflaged by modestly pinning the garment closed from the inside of the buttonhole. You can also hold the ripped seams of your favorite togs together until more permanent repairs can be implemented. When we’re feeling cheeky we like to use rock band buttons as emergency fastenings for our thrifted suit jackets — but admit that might not get you very far in the corporate world.
  • White toothpaste makes excellent emergency spackle.
  • Duct tape holds the world together. Also our shoes. Holes in the soles? Place a square of duct tape shiny side down over the hole from the inside of the shoe, then place a larger strip sticky side down over it so it sticks to the innersole. You can also repair a sole from the outside using any standard bicycle-tube patch kit.
  • I needed to find a way to attach my old front basket to the back rack of my bicycle so I crossed two bungee cords across the bottom of the basket and hooked them onto the underside of the rack at each corner. One a year later it’s still solidly in place.

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