Pump it up. Anyone can make biodiesel at home

If you’re tired of paying nearly $3 a gallon for diesel and don’t like relying on foreign oil, AGR’s Galen Bowen can relate.

“I’ve always been a fan of anything that allows a person to be less dependent on what the system dictates,” says the mechanical engineer.

That’s why three years ago Bowen began developing processing machines that anyone can use to make biodiesel at home, including the most plug-and-play model we’ve found.

A joint project between AGR and SSI Energy, the BioPro 190 is a “do-it-yourself” biodiesel processor that requires little or no chemistry knowledge and no testing or measuring of ingredients. Just fill the compartments with the ingredients and press “start.”

SSI co-principal Tom Johnson says the company’s customer base is growing well outside the environmental community. In fact, he adds, the BioPro 190 was recently named one of the top 10 new products at California’s World Ag Expo, the world’s largest farming and agriculture tradeshow.

Bowen believes the BioPro is crossing many demographics because it appeals to people’s self-dependent values — and, of course, their wallets.

“I think that when the majority of the general public adopts any new technology, it’s almost always a price issue,” Bowen says. “And most of our customers love making fuel for less than 80 cents a gallon.”

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nice idea..people nowadays are becoming more practical when it comes to expenses so it's been always a big deal to save a lot from fuel. biodiesel is a great option to use for our cars. Got heard that a a lot of volkswage (vw passat parts owners) are starting to be dependent on biodiesel.

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