The Primordial Healing Power of Sound

Sound predates every other element in the universe. Before there was beauty and eyes to see it, there was sound. Before there were fragrances and senses to be driven wild by them, there was sound. And before there was the soft touch of skin, or lips meeting lips, sound was present in the universe. Whatever was going on before there was an Earth, there were frequencies that would have been capable of being heard, if only there were ears (and this we can't know for certain, whether or not there were some sort of ears) to hear them. So is it any wonder that sound affects us in an almost primordial way, capable of sending us into paroxysms of ecstasy or the depths of dark despair?

The mechanical vibrations that we interpret as sound are unstopped by any form of matter, the way sight, touch and smell are. It permeates solids, liquids, gases and plasmas. Considering its unique abilities, it is an ideal candidate to be used in healing. That's one reason we often turn on music when we need some kind of emotional support.

There is even a group, founded in 1982, called the Sound Healers Association, "dedicated to expanding the uses of sound and music as therapeutic and transformational modalities." If you go to their Temple of Sacred Sound, and enter one of the three Toning Chambers you'll find there, you'll be greeted with a kaleidoscopic visual display and a chant tone. It's a great break in the middle of a busy day. I personally prefer the HU chamber, but you can also choose OM or AH. Whatever works for you!

The creators describe it as "a gathering place in cyberspace for those throughout the planet to use as a vehicle to assist in sending healing sounds to the planet." As a bonus, it will help you heal whatever stress or anxiety may be having a negative impact on your day.

Valentine's Day is coming, and lots of people will be singing special songs to their sweethearts. One of my favorite all-time Valentine gifts was my then boyfriend playing "My Funny Valentine" on my voicemail. But you can tune in to a much bigger celebration of sound on February 14, because the sound healers are putting together a huge love song for our planet. In celebration of "World Sound Healing Day," people all over the planet are invited to join in toning the sound "AH" with the intention of peace and love for five minutes at noon, EST.

Our new president invited everyone to assist in creating change. He's making changes in emission requirements and talking about investing in green energy, and this is an opportunity for all of us to be involved in a way we understand quite well, no matter how much or little we know about science. Studies have proven that focused group meditative energy can have a positive effect.

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