Plastic Bag Inspired Activism

Where there’s an enviro-problem, there’s also eco-creativity. Read what creative solutions green bloggers are promoting to deal with the enviro-blight that’s the disposable plastic bag:

Plastic-free farmers' markets

A bunch of Bay Area farmers’ markets have nixed plastic bags this year, reports Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish, going beyond just getting rid of those bigger plastic bags to say bye-bye to the smaller produce bags too! Beth shows how these markets have made the eco-change—and provides three tips to help you do the same in your ‘hood."

Plastic bags upcycled into Djembe drums

Dubbed “La victoire sur les sachets” (trans. “Victory on the Plastic Bags”), this short video shows how plastic bags are being upcycled to create a traditional African percussion instrument. The film’s intercut with sad views of plastic-strewn environments in Africa—but highlights creative human solutions (albeit a partial one) to ecological blights. Two thousand drums made using this upcycling method reuses 20 tons of recycled plastic while offsetting the need for 20 tons of wood. “La victoire sur les sachets” is one of a series of videos that’s part of the Art for the World project, inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which celebrated its 60th birthday last year.

Will banning the plastic bag change the world?

That’s what Colin Beavan, better known as No Impact Man, is wondering. He wants you to vote on what eco-action’s the best to promote: a. Changing to green electricity, b. Complete moratorium on plastic bags, or c. Phone your political representative. “One represents different consumer choices, one represents habit change, the other represents political engagement,” Colin writes. “What is the effect of each and how might each cause actual change?” Read the comments on the post to hear what your fellow environmentalists have to say—and put in your own two cents!


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