Never Be Bored at the Gym

For all you gym goers, gym seekers and potential gym-mights, shaking things up fitness-wise is integral to staying motivated and enthusiastic about getting and/or staying in shape. Boredom need not plague your workouts. Tons of exciting and innovative fitness classes are offered at gyms across the country. All you need is a little bit of courage to try something new.

Where does one start? Most gyms break down their group classes into categories -- like cardio, dance, martial arts/boxing, and strength training & conditioning. For starters, perhaps select a category that appeals to you (or two). From there, you can look into what your local gyms have to offer. Here are just a few class ideas to get you thinking fresh.


Ever heard of the Kangoo workout? You have to see it to believe it, on YouTube that is. The Kangoo workout involves strapping on strange-looking shoes, which let you bounce around like a kangaroo. Tap into your inner child while getting a heavy aerobic workout.
Or you can go the tried-and-true route. Boot Camp will whip you into shape -- an ultimate calorie-burning workout, mixing drills and resistance training.
Martial Arts/Boxing

Channel your inner Uma Thurman with Forza, a fitness class that combines Kendo and Aiki Jujitsu styles of martial arts and also uses Samurai swords. Not to worry, the swords are plastic (bad for the planet, good for your ribs).

Or you can try the Brazilian martial art, Capoeira, which mixes Brazilian dance, martial arts and acrobatics.

Strength Training/Conditioning

A new muscle conditioning class to hit gyms recently is INKA. Using straps that support and suspend your bodyweight, you go against gravity, increasing your overall body strength and flexibility.

Another class that you have to see to believe is Anti-Gravity Yoga. Using a fabric hammock, you hang upside down and hold yoga postures, such as a headstand. The goal of the class is to increase flexibility, strength and agility.


Feel like dancing away your economic worries? Zumba is all the rage right now. A mix of Latin and pop music, Zumba combines easy to follow dance steps at fast and slow intervals intended to tone and sculpt your body.

Whether you were once a professional dancer or have two left feet as they say, there is a dance class at every level and pace for you to bust a move in. There are even pole dancing classes to help you tap into that inner siren. Believe it or not, pole dancing is a lot harder than it looks and takes more strength than one would think.

Two national gyms that pride themselves on their diverse range of fitness classes are Crunch and Equinox. Both gyms have locations in California, Chicago, Florida and New York. You'll find the standard classes and then some off the wall ones. Something is guaranteed to fit your needs. Check out your gym's class schedule or use the web to research any of the classes above for a location near you. A revitalized fitness routine is simply a few clicks away.


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