Natural V-Day: Herbal Aphrodisiacs

Make your own Valentine’s Day massage oils with plant-based essential oils

It’s time to reinvent Valentine’s Day. While an evening of oysters, chocolate and champagne may dazzle the taste buds momentarily, these old-school aphrodisiacs often leave lovebirds stuffed and sluggish.

This year, keep your head clear, your stomach light and your heart open. Skip the edible aphrodisiacs for an herbal variation. Many essential oils will help to enhance that romantic feeling. Some oils decrease tension (it’s tough to feel sexy when you’re stressed); some trigger a calming, hypnotic sensation; and others target emotional issues that get in the way of a smooth romantic encounter (lack of confidence or self consciousness, depression, anxiety, etc.).

The oils can be used individually or in any combination. For a sensual massage, combine a couple drops of the essential oil(s) of your choice into a carrier or base oil like sweet almond or avocado oil. A few drops of essential oil mixed into a tub of warm water turns a bath into an instant aphrodisiac and any of the oils below can also be combined with water in a spray bottle for a sensual spritz.

Look for organic or wildcrafted essential oils that can guarantee purity.

Ylang ylang: Relaxes the central nervous system and fights low self-esteem.

Sandalwood: Fights depression, stress, frigidity and impotence.

Patchouli: The aphrodisiac of the ’60s combats frigidity, nervous exhaustion and stress.

Ginger: Ginger tea may increase circulation to the lower areas of the body.

Jasmine: Warm and exotic, jasmine treats frigidity and impotence.

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