Meditation Pillows

How to use pillows to augment your meditation session

When it’s time to meditate, you want to be as comfortable as possible. You don’t want to be distracted by cramping muscles or jammed bones. So, before you start on your meditation journey to inner peace, it’s a good idea to do some research into meditation supplies and invest in a yoga meditation pillow to support your body and optimize your experience during your meditation sessions.

Pillows to match your meditation style

What should you look for in a meditation pillow? That depends on where you’re going to meditate and what posture you plan to use during your practice. The pillow you select for meditating outside on the grass, or other soft, natural surfaces, will be different from one designed to be used on a wood floor or concrete. For meditating on the grass, most people only need a meditation mat and a light-weight, soft pillow — preferably one that’s machine washable.

If you’re meditating on the hard floor, most experts recommend a two-level pillow. The bottom level cushion, or zabutan, usually measures about 31-inches-by-26 inches, but can also come in different sizes. The best material for your zabutan is solid foam. On top of that cushion you’ll place a smaller pillow, a zafu, for lumbar support. The zafu is usually about 15 inches square or round, with a lift of about 5 inches. The most popular zafus are filled with foam, down or buckwheat hulls and, again, come in different sizes.

Pillow posture

Once you have your meditation or yoga pillows, it’s time to figure out how to best position yourself for maximum comfort while you meditate.

  • Place the zafu on top of the zabutan.
  • Sit on the top cushion and cross your legs.
  • Slide forward on the zafu so that your knees nearly touch the zabutan.
  • Tilt your pelvis forward and straighten your back.
  • Rearrange your legs until they’re comfortable.

With a bit of adjusting, you should be sitting on the front portion of the zafu, legs comfortable and balanced so you’re stable enough to hold the position throughout your meditation session. Feel free to try different positions — cross legged or kneeling — whatever works for you is the right position.

Other meditation options

If you just can’t get comfortable sitting on a cushion on the floor, a meditation bench might be a perfect choice for you. There are benches specifically designed for meditating and pillows to fit them. You can also just sit on a cushioned chair if the floor is too uncomfortable. The goal is to be completely in your body — a body that is calm, relaxed, balanced and anchored to the earth.

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