Mantras for Success

4 mantras to find success in life, love and money

Can you chant certain mantras for success? Can simply saying that something is true make it so? The answer to this question is a difficult one. On one hand, we can’t expect to say that something is true, blink our eyes and watch the world shift around us. On the other hand, speech is a very powerful tool, and concentrating on positive words can make it easier to believe them. Through chanting powerful life mantras while meditating, you concentrate on them, allowing yourself to attain success by focusing on the positive rather than the negative.

Daily affirmation mantras

According to the Mayo Clinic, affirming yourself or saying what you do well is a part of positive self-talk, which increases optimism and helps you deal better with stress. Because of this, there are no better mantras for success than your daily affirmations. Pick something that shows you are a good, worthy and deserving person, such as, “I am powerful” or “I am good.” When you feel deserving of success, you’re less likely to fear the failure that can keep you from getting it!

Money mantras

If you’re having trouble financially, money mantras for success can be one way to turn your negative thoughts about money into positive thoughts about wealth. And because the Mayo Clinic argues that positive people reap health benefits, chanting money mantras can earn you more than cash. Making up your own, short mantras about money may be the most powerful because they're certain to speak to you. You might try, “Money flows easily and effortlessly to me.”

Business mantras

In addition to money mantras, consider finding other powerful words and phrases to chant that emulate other aspects of business success — such as the image you want to project, the kind of business relationships you want to have and the role you want business to play in your life. Saying a mantra such as, “My business will succeed” or “I will not allow my business to rule my life,” can help you concentrate on achieving your goal, and these are excellent mantras for success.

Mantras for success in love

Having a successful, loving relationship can be difficult, and in our busy world it becomes almost impossible because we often spend too little time with our mates. If you want success in your relationship, you need to take time to grow it. One of the ways you can take time for your important relationships is by meditating on them. Chant the name of the person you are in the relationship with, or, as the Meditation Society of America uses as an example, simply the word “love" as a mantra for success in this area.

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