Making Cotton, Doing Good

A family-owned business, this manufacturer uses pure organic cotton and low-eco-impact dyes, makes its own nonpolluting hydroelectricity, and gives a portion of all proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund.

European quality meets environmental consciousness in the creations of one textile factory that is leading the industry in environmentally responsible practices. One of the most respected bedding makers in Italy, the company manufactures some of Gaiam's most popular eco-friendly bedding, including organic cotton sheets, blankets, pillows and comforters.

This third-generation, family-owned company — founded by the matriarch of the family in 1957 — places a strong emphasis on quality control and creativity to ensure the highest quality possible. But in addition to superior quality, this manufacturer is known for producing the most planet-friendly textile products on the market.

  • The company generates its own nonpolluting hydroelectricity.
  • A portion of all proceeds are donated to the World Wildlife Fund.
  • Certified pure organic cotton is used in many styles. Conventional cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops on earth, requiring about a fourth of the world's pesticide use for a single crop — as well as numerous other synthetic chemicals linked to serious health problems in agricultural workers. Using organic cotton ensures that the soil is completely free of synthetic chemicals for at least three growing seasons prior to certification.
  • The spotless factory is state of the art, but each thread is still hand strung on the looms.
  • All water used for dyeing is purified and filtered afterward.
  • The 50 year old factory prides itself on wasting very little of the dye and keeping waste overall to a minimum.


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What is the name of this company? What is the name of their product? And, what city in Italy?

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