Limu Moui: South Pacific's Supplement

Move over echinacea and elderberry, there’s another supplement attracting attention for its immune enhancing potential. Limu moui is a brown algae from the South Pacific that is not only fun to say, but also contains all the benefits of your average sea plant — sea vegetation is famously packed with nutrients, so don’t skip the seaweed salad during your next sushi outing — as well as one specific polysaccaharide that is exciting researchers.

In addition to the usual vitamins, minerals, and fiber, limu moui also contains a complex carbohydrate or polysaccharide called fucoidan that is believed to strengthen the human immune system and act as a natural anticoagulant. Fuicoidan may also treat allergies, reduce high blood pressure, combat infections, lower cholesterol, manage diabetes and prevent cancer.

If it sounds too good to be true, that’s because it may be. Studies on limu moui and its family of sea plants are extremely limited. There is no clinical trial evidence and fucoidan has been researched more than the actual plants that provide it.

Do you enjoy sea vegetables? Do you know your kombu from your wakame?

[via LA Times]


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