Lessons After Life

Author Dannion Brinkley shares his thoughts on the afterlife, Heaven, Hell, near death experiences, reincarnation and ghosts.

Dannion Brinkley has had three near death experiences, each of which taught him something new about life after death. In his latest book, "Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven," Brinkley shares some of the lessons he learned in the afterlife.

Q&A with the author courtesy of HarperOne.

Q. Will I see my loved ones (and pets) in Heaven?

A. There is no doubt about it!

Q. Is there a Hell?

A. Not that I have seen. During my visits to the other side, I have only experienced varying degrees of Heaven. If we are truly all one, and all a part of God, then don't you think that Hell would just be a part of Heaven, too?

Q. Will I go to Hell if I commit suicide or if I don't believe in God?

A. As I've said, I do not believe there is a Hell in the traditional sense, in the way we have been trained to perceive it. On my last visit to the afterlife, I was taken to what I call the blue/gray place. There I witnessed many lost souls who were reliving the final day or days of their lives. I sensed that many of them had experienced a sudden or violent death. However, I cannot remember any of them feeling as though they'd committed suicide. Therefore, I would have to conclude that there must be a different, and safe, level of Heaven for them. Also, God does not care if you believe in Divinity or not. The system is the same for everyone. It is your ability to love, and not your faith in God that determines where you will reside in the afterlife. 

Q. Do we reincarnate?

A. Although my logical mind would tell me that we must, I have to say that I saw no evidence of the system of reincarnation in Heaven. However, through the years, I have spent a lot of time in the company of the greatest past-life researchers in the world. So, I have to conclude that reincarnation is not only possible, but highly probable as well. 

Q. Are ghosts real and can they hurt us?

A. Yes, ghosts are real. After my visit to the blue/gray place in Heaven, I finally understood how and why ghosts exist. Their ability to harm us is limited to the mental and emotional sensitivity to energies which can be increased by the use of mind altering substances. 

Q. Can I communicate with my loved one in a coma?

A. Absolutely, they hear you no matter how unresponsive they appear. Remember, it has been scientifically proven the last of the five senses to go is our hearing. In light of that fact, I've actually created effective techniques for communicating with the comatose. 

Q. How can I help my dying friend pass in peace, and not fear?

A. As we teach in the Twilight Brigade volunteer trainings, the purpose of the person attending at bedside is to be a loving, listening presence. For people in transition, closure is of the utmost importance; to be forgiven, to know that their lives had meaning and that they will be remembered. As we assist our friends in the final moments of their lives, we can help them to relinquish fear by helping them to review their lives with fondness. Ask them to recall their first date, their favorite song and their best loved book, how they met the love of their lives, and then, simply listen as they stroll down memory lane. 

Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven

 Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven is available now on Amazon.com. Published by HarperOne.

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My son just recently committed suicide violently by hanging at age 25 leaving behind 7yr old twin grls n 6 yr old sister ive struggled to understand why, how could he, what were his last thoughts were there demons telling him to do it , and obsessively wonder where he is now. Ive read many articles some say hes in predatory till his planned life yrs are over some say a speacial holding place in heaven some say a spirit of a suicide remains among us n some say hell . He was bipolar severely depressed n a little scystsophranic.im in such agony with wonder .how do we realy know ? Ive read many suiside nde "s all report a different experiance among the ones listed above. ....I need to know

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