The Latest Green Cars from the L.A. Auto Show

The LA Auto Show opened its doors to the public last week, with a bigger list of hybrids and alternative fuel vehicles than ever! Can't stop by to ogle and test drive the green cars yourself? Then catch up vicariously thanks to the blogosphere  

  • The annual Green Car of the Year award went to the 2009 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, with its five-passenger functionality, highway fuel economy of 41 mpg, and $21,990 price tag. According to Green Car Journal, this is the first time a clean diesel model received the award, which is only awarded to cars that are already on the consumer market.
  • One cool, cute, and green car unveiled at the Show is BMW’s electric mini-E. Unfortunately, only 500 “lucky” people who can afford a $850-a-month lease will get to drive those around anytime soon. According to Autopia, “Leasing the Mini-E is little more than a real-world R&D program for BMW, which says it will use real-world drivers to further develop the EV with an eye toward production.”

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