Kicking the Smoking Habit Naturally

Trying to quit smoking?  There is a school of thought that believes you can kick that nasty habit with nothing more than diet, herbal supplements and nutrient support.

Ed Bauman of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition and Culinary Arts has created a program specifically for smokers. His system monitors blood sugar and supports the adrenal system while treating the toxicity and nutrient depletion that results from smoking.

Bauman's plan starts with a whole foods diet that focuses on seasonal and organic foods and steers clear of white sugar and white flour and processed foods. As with most well-balanced diets, the smoking cessation menu is heavy in fresh fruits and vegetables.

Fluids are another key part of the program. Bauman recommends drinking up to two liters of water, mineral broths and herbal teas to balance out the “heating, drying and acidifying effects of smoking.”

Booster foods (garlic, ginger, cayenne peper, etc.), vitamin supplements (lots of Vitamin C) and tips for beating the oral fixation — take deep breaths, chew on toothpicks, eat carrots — round out the program.

Whether you're trying to go cold turkey or plan to ease into the trasition using aids like nicotine gum or patches, you can incorporate these healthy tips into any stop-smoking plan!

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