It’s Time for a Mind Makeover!

An excerpt from 'Love Has Wings'
3 tips to help you move out of your comfort zone and into greatness

Modern pop culture is obsessed with makeovers. We are told to change our homes, wardrobes, faces and thighs as often as we change our clothes. Considering this, it is amazing how resistant we are to internal change. It’s time for a mind makeover!

Inside our minds, we have a heaving jumble of worn-out old junk: subconscious ideas and opinions that have been out of fashion for longer than knickerbockers and bonnets. It’s as if our minds are lost in the run-down comfort of a chintzy old sofa. It is frayed and covered in dust and stains, with the occasional flea, stale crumbs and the odd bit of chewing gum stuck in its crevices, but it is familiar.

Although it is falling apart and in desperate need of replacement, we have become accustomed to it. But don’t you think it’s time to redecorate? The familiar may be comfortable, but if you become stuck in what you know, you will never realize your full potential. Inertia never brings joy: It ultimately leads to dissatisfaction.

In our society, people view comfort as king. Anything that makes life easier and requires less effort is prized. We have learned to refrain from speaking our truth for fear of conflict and to avoid confronting our fears whenever possible. We have come to value routine over the unknown, and security over spontaneity. Yet often the things that make us uncomfortable — the hard knocks, the disappointments and the losses — are what challenge us most in our lives. We wish we did not have to weather these storms, yet they are what make us strong. They give us maturity and responsibility, and after all, what better teacher can we have than our own direct experience?

Moving out of your comfort zone

Comfort stems from fear of the unknown and fear of failure. We feel safe within its confines, but in reality, comfort is a gilded cage barring us from our true greatness. When we’re not challenging ourselves to be more, we are settling for mediocrity. We lament what’s missing from our lives, but we don’t move into action in order to change it. The fear of failure clouds our perception of our full potential. The mind convinces us we are not capable of more, so we stay put.

We cling to comfort because we fear our greatness. It is safer to sit in the shadows than stand in the limelight: There we risk criticism and external judgment. Greatness requires the courage to stand alone and not compromise our truth. It provokes change and causes evolution. Greatness goes out on a limb; it doesn’t stick to the status quo. To trust ourselves, to stand in integrity without abandoning ourselves in order to please others — that’s greatness.

To help you move out of your comfort zone, try the Comfort Checklist:

  • If your body is unhealthy because of excessive comfort, get some exercise.
  • If your mind is storing resentment because you’ve been avoiding conflict in order to stay comfortable, go and speak to the person you are avoiding.
  • If your heart is closed because it seems more comfortable to distract yourself externally than to go inward and release your pain, stop ignoring what’s really going on. Be honest with yourself and allow your trapped emotions to be released.  

Love Has WingsExcerpted from the book Love Has Wings: Free Yourself from Limiting Beliefs and Fall in Love with Life ©2012 by Isha Judd. Republished with permission from New World Library.

Isha Judd is the author of Love Has Wings and Why Walk When You Can Fly. She travels the globe teaching a simple, yet powerful system that shows how to find the state of mind she calls “love-consciousness,” where every moment of life — even the most challenging and frustrating — can be filled with love, joy, peace, and self-acceptance. Visit her online at

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