iPhone Apps for Going Green

Use your iPhone to make better buying decisions, access the latest green news, and reduce your carbon footprint.

If you have an iPhone, you probably use it to play games, read books, and even watch TV and movies. But how awesome would it be to use it to help you stay green too? Here are ten eco-minded apps worth taking a look at:

Green News Reader

Aggregates the latest green news from sites like the Environmental News Network, TreeHugger, The Daily Green, and CNET Green Tech. ($0.99)

Go Green

Bored standing in line at the post office? Open up this baby to read tips on things you can do to go green. Sure you probably know to turn down the thermostat and skip bottled water. But we could always use refreshers, and there are probably at least a few ideas in here you haven’t run across yet. (Free)

Find Green

If you had a choice, you might prefer to patronize businesses that are looking out for Mother Earth. Find Green hooks into GenGreenLife.com’s database of over 50,000 businesses to help you find everything from yoga studios to restaurants, furniture stores, and pet care providers. (Free)

Seafood Watch

Maybe you’ve been carrying around that wallet card from the Monterey Bay Aquarium that lets you know which fish are more or less sustainably raised and caught. Now it’s available as an iPhone app that also includes regional guides so you can make the best choices for the area of the country you’re in. (Free)


Telling how green (and socially responsible) a product is involves more than simply reading the ingredient list. A company’s environmental and labor practices also affect its ultimate impact on the planet. GoodGuide lets you scan a product’s bar code and then pull up a score card on that product and the company that makes it. (Free)


This is a Weight Watchers-type tool to help you understand and track your electricity usage with the goal of helping you learn how to cut back. It teaches you how to read your meter and lets you input your own readings on your own schedule to see if you’re improving week-to-week or even day-to-day. ($0.99)


iTrans helps make it easier to use public transportation by showing you the fastest route between any two stations on subway systems in New York, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Chicago, and London as well as Caltrain, Chicago Metra, LA Metrolink, PATH, and New Jersey Transit. ($0.99 - $3.99)


The iPhone version of the Facebook app lets you find carpools and set up rideshares with people you know and groups you belong to. (Free)


Lets you track your carbon usage on the trips you take: commutes, vacations, and business trips. It also lets you set monthly footprint goals and calculate the carbon usage of various trips using different modes of transportation. (Free)


The iPhone version of the Earth911.com Web site lets you find over 110,000 recycling locations for over 240 materials, including directions, maps, and hours of operation. (Free)

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As many people I also use my iPhone to play games, read books, and even watch TV and movies. But I have never thought that I could use my mobile phone for helping stay green. So reading this your post I have known so many things which I have not known before. Well, I will definitely try to find all applications which you have offered for us and try it for myself. It is really great that the biggest of these applications are free. Thanks a lot one more time for the useful information and keep up publishing this attractive posts in the future too. Respectfully, Amanda Watson from mobile development

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