Improve My Spiritual LIfe

4 steps to spiritual maturity

How do you improve your spiritual life? Well, that depends on how you define spiritual.

Rabbi Micah D. Greenstein defines spirituality as religion experienced intimately. Your spiritual life includes your spiritual practices, like prayer, and the path they take you on to get closer to your God or higher power, but it also includes your interactions with other human beings. Learn some steps you can take to improve your spiritual life, seek spiritual help when necessary, experience spiritual growth and eventually reach spiritual maturity.

Step 1: Grow and develop

Spiritual growth and development is a process that needs to be practiced and worked on just like any other skill. Pray more. Meditate more often. Attend church, prayer groups or spiritual gatherings more often. Volunteer more. Do whatever it is that lines up with your belief in spiritual growth. For example, if you were a Christian, steps on your journey toward spiritual growth might include increasing your knowledge of God’s ways, sinning less, increasing your practice of Christ-like behaviors and increasing your faith and trust in God. Or, you can think of it as spiritual formation. If you were a Buddhist, that list would look quite different.

From a holistic perspective, spiritual development is termed spiritual formation. In Care of Mind, Care of Spirit, Gerald G. May says that spiritual formation is the growth and development of person as a whole, by focusing on your spiritual life, interaction with others in your daily life and your spiritual practices. Your spiritual life can only improve if you focus on other aspects of your life as well.

Step 2: Forgive and give thanks

Henri Nouwen, author of Bread for the Journey, a book of daily meditations, says forgiving another person is an act of liberation: It frees you both from the negativity that exists between you and that person, and it frees you from holding a grudge and the negative emotions that went with it. You should also express your gratitude, or count your blessings, for even everyday things like your car or your pet. To be thankful for all that you have and to express that gratitude will enhance your spiritual growth and better your spiritual life.

Step 3: Seek help where necessary along the way

There are numerous outlets that offer spiritual help: a pastor, a rabbi, a spiritual leader, a self-help group, the Internet. Take, for instance, the Spiritual Help Channel. This website offers spiritual help and answers to questions frequently asked by Christians and non-Christians alike. The Internet is a good option for those who are not comfortable enough to seek spiritual help in person. Spiritual help can assist you in growing in your faith. If you’re seeking spiritual growth, don’t be afraid to ask for guidance, online or in person.

Step 4: Mature in your spirituality

What are the indicators of spiritual maturity? Spiritual maturity is learning to live and love like Jesus, or Buddha, or any god, rather than in a human way. It is choosing to live in a godlike manner in everyday situations. says to be spiritually mature is to be like God. Spiritual growth is an ongoing process, but the goal is spiritual maturity.

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