Immunizations and Autism

Should we vaccinate our children?

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I am frequently asked if I believe that vaccinations (immunizations) are the cause of autism. Let me give the short answer: Yes. I have seen time and time again that when I look from a vibrational vantage point at children diagnosed with autism, there is a strong correlation between vaccinations and the diagnosis of autism.

The first child that I ever worked with energetically in 1999 was diagnosed with autism. He told me through written communication that around 1995 he began to get “stuck” between two worlds. He also taught me a series of steps to help himself and other children get “unstuck.” When I applied those energetic techniques on his behalf, I witnessed him going back in time to the moment before his vaccination at eighteen months.

After this energetic exercise, this particular child began to talk and write. That awareness has always stayed with me, and although I do believe — because of this experience and many others — that there is a direct correlation between the diagnoses of autism and vaccinations, I would be only telling you half the story if I stopped there. If what I saw during that energy session was true, then I have to believe that other things that I have learned (from the same energetic awareness) about children diagnosed are also true.

From Autism to Awesomism

You see, it is my awareness that children who ultimately get diagnosed as autistic were born with what I call “Awesomism.” When I look at the energetic blueprint or makeup of these children, I see some of the most highly advanced/refined energy on the planet. These children are typically vibrationally so far above the norm that they are super sensitive to the densities of pharmaceuticals, diet and environment. They come to us functioning at a frequency of soul or spirit, and when they come into contact with the dense vibration of pharmaceuticals, their systems go into chaos.

But if pharmaceuticals, diet and environment alone are the reasons why children ended up with the diagnosis of autism, then my question was: “Why is it that only 1 in 150 children receive this diagnosis?”

Why aren’t all children being diagnosed with autism? (Since the pharmaceutical companies are doing all they can to make sure that all of our children receive an ever-increasing number of vaccinations at earlier and earlier ages, this question is really not unreasonable.) I believe the answer to this question is that, currently, only 1 in 150 children are now coming to this life experience with a vibration at a soul or spirit level.

What this means is that 1 in 150 children are functioning from the minute they get here at a vibration that is so far above what we as a humanity have experienced before, that they are much more sensitive to the densities that are unfit for the new human condition. These children naturally react (sometimes dramatically) to everything that currently exists on the physical and mental levels that is not in alignment with a humanity that is functioning at a soul or spirit level.

Doesn’t it make sense, then, that at a time of such amazing human evolution, there would be a whole population of children that could be born on this planet that would never have been able to come before? And doesn’t it also make sense that those “experiences” that are the furthest from a soul/spirit consciousness would adversely affect these divine beings?

Reversing the effects of vaccinations

Right about now, you may be saying, “I can’t believe I vaccinated my child.” So let me tell you the good news.

Any toxicity that has built up in the systems of these very sensitive beings can be removed or lessened. There are a number of ways to eliminate toxicity from the body. That is the reason why we hear of these “miracle cures” when dietary changes and other methods are used that reduce the body’s toxicity.

Talk to your alternative physicians and therapists to find methods that work best for your family and child. I also highly recommend that you read the book The Sanctity of Human Blood: Vaccination is not Immunization by Tim O’Shea, and educate yourself regarding the rise of vaccinations in this country. Please also know that many of the behaviors that your children exhibit are more related to Awesomism than to autism. Once the toxicity is removed from the child’s system, autistic symptoms are commonly reduced.

But there is more to it than that. We are so accustomed to experiencing our world through the eyes of the physical and mental realms that when we see an individual functioning at a soul/pure emotion or spirit/vibrational level, we are confused by their behaviors. We think they mean one thing, when they actually mean something completely different.

We are blessed to be present on Earth at a most amazing time. The collective vibration and experience is increasing all the time. We are becoming a new consciousness, one that is in personal harmony and relationship with all. Children diagnosed with autism are trying constantly to reveal their Awesomism to us, but we are only now learning how to read their behaviors in a way that reveals the blessing as opposed to the supposed disorder. These children as a collective actually demonstrate unity on a daily basis. They teach us — and in some cases force us — to feel our way through life as opposed to thinking our way through. They constantly reflect the emotional climate back to us and give us consistent radar of where we are in our evolution toward feeling/sensing/knowing versus thinking. As we move beyond the mind we will naturally see them as the gift to the planet that they are.

There are many levels of awareness related to autism. Looking through the eyes of the physical world with mental constructs, it is a “disorder.” Looking through the eyes of soul and spirit, however, autism is Awesomism. It is where these kids function all the time, regardless of their diagnosis. These children are amazing gifts to our planet. Through them we will come to know our potential as an evolving humanity. When we get beyond the autism and can see the Awesomism, we will have arrived at a new level of consciousness beyond the mind. When we see through those eyes, we will see the child standing in front of us in a whole new light, and we will understand ourselves as being so much more than we have known before.

Suzy MillerSuzy Miller is a visionary speaker, multidimensional communication specialist and author of Awesomism: A New Way to Understand Autism. A former pediatric speech language pathologist and the founder of Blue Star Brilliance, LLC, Suzy has presented at several international seminars and workshops on Awesomism and Multidimensionality. Based on more than a decade of experience assisting high vibrational children through their integration process, Suzy created the New Human Experience Project to offer multidimensional balancing and alignment to those ready to know the potential and possibilities of the New Human condition. For more information about Suzy Miller, Awesomism and her Certified Practitioner Programs, or for more articles and resources, visit her website at

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