How Women Over 60 Can Stay Young

4 steps to feeling young and healthy at any age

For women who reach 60 and over, life doesn't stop, and it doesn't slow down either. Women over 60 continue enjoying their circles of friends and often a growing family circle of grandchildren. All of this action can make seniors "feel old," but that feeling doesn't have to be inevitable.

Remember that age is just a number, and youth is a state of mind. By doing many of the same activities you did when you were younger, you can easily continue to feel young over 60 — and beyond.

Eating well over 60

Eating well is just as important now as it was when you were younger. As people age, they often don't need to eat as much as they did before, so it is critical that you get as many benefits as you can from the foods you do eat.

Women 60 and over should choose low-fat proteins, whole grains and a variety of fruits and vegetables to maintain a balanced diet. Women over 60 in particular need to maintain adequate levels of calcium, since they are at increased risk for osteoporosis. However, all seniors should consult their doctors to determine any specific dietary needs, especially if any medical conditions could affect their diets.

Staying fit over 60

As people age, it takes longer to recover from injuries, even small ones such as cuts and bruises. Larger injuries, such as broken bones, could put you out of commission for weeks. By maintaining a healthy body, women over 60 can reduce the risk of injuries in the first place. Walking, t’ai chi and swimming are examples of low-impact exercises that help women 60 and over maintain a healthy heart, strong muscles and flexible joints.

Exercise also helps those over 60 keep a good sense of balance, which can help prevent falls. People age 60 and over should consult their doctors to determine what types of exercises are right for them, and ease into exercise slowly, particularly after injury.

Anti-aging for women over 60

While keeping the body healthy as you age is critical to maintaining a youthful feel, keeping the brain engaged is just as important. Simple activities such as reading, working on a crossword puzzle, playing card games and keeping a journal help to keep the mind active and sharp. Social activities can also help the brain "exercise," and social activities are far more enjoyable to most seniors than solo endeavors. Think of your busy social life as an exercise in anti-aging for over-60 minds.

Enjoying life over 60

The simple fact is that life is here to be enjoyed, and maintaining a youthful attitude can go a long way toward staying young over 60. As life changes, you can adapt your activities and lifestyles to meet changing abilities, but you certainly don't need to slow down as you age. Staying young after 60 is a matter of engaging in youthful activities, while embracing some of the natural limitations of age.

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