How to Tap into Your Spiritual Self

3 steps to commune with your higher power and take positive action

All of us are made of a body, mind and spirit. But the spirit is the part of us that's least tangible. We constantly struggle to understand our spirit. If we could truly tap into the strength of our spiritual self, we could achieve great things. Here are some ideas on how to tap into your spiritual self.

Step 1: Quiet the mind

According to Meister Eckhart, the famous German mystic and philosopher, our higher power speaks to us at the very core of our being, our spirit. It's a place where no other being can enter. Once our mind takes its focus off of created things and becomes silent, we may hear our higher power speaking to us through the spirit, giving us purpose and direction for our lives. In sum, the spirit is the only part of you that may truly know the purpose and destiny of your physical being, and only through quietness of mind can that be achieved.

Likewise, according to Mother Teresa, by achieving mental silence, we gain a new way of looking at the world. She believed that silence is crucial in order to touch other human souls.

Step 2: Speak positively

You tend to speak what's in your heart. And things you say usually have a way of coming true.

Don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements, renowned motivational speaker and teacher, says you should always be careful with your words. You should only say things you really mean, and you should never speak words of negativity toward yourself or others. When you learn to speak the positive things in your spirit, you will see improvements in your life. The power of the tongue is a demonstration of the power of the spirit. Since your spirit knows your purpose and destiny, speaking these truths over your life is one way to help access the power of the spiritual self.

Step 3: Take action

To truly tap into your spiritual self and grow, it will require action.

According to Hu Dalconzo, founder of Holistic Learning Centers, an accredited life-coaching and self-care school, if a farmer prays for a good crop, and then doesn't plow the field, plant seeds and water them, then he is seriously deluding himself. Dalconzo concludes that self-delusion is not a characteristic of someone who is spiritually awake. To pray for a miracle and not take steps toward making it happen actually stifles the spirit. As the Biblical book of James says, " by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead."

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I just wonder sometimes how come the bad thing come true and not the
good I say GOOD positive things most of the time

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