How to Set Up Home Recycling Containers

5 steps to get you recycling

Setting up home recycling containers, containers that store your recyclables before you transfer them to bins, can help you commit to living more responsibly -- without making a mess. Whether they’re made out of old boxes or purchased from a catalog or store, recycling containers can make life easier for you. Follow these simple steps to learn how to set them up.

Step 1: Learn about your local recycling program

Often there are clearly marked recycling bins close to your home. In other areas, you can donate recyclable items or even be paid for aluminum cans and glass bottles. Other areas require that you transport your recycling to a recycling center on your own. How you set up your home recycling containers depends on how you will eventually get your recyclables out of your home. You should also learn about what types of products your local recycling program accepts.

Step 2: Choose home recycling containers

You can choose plastic or wooden crates to store your recyclables, or you can improvise and use old boxes, broken laundry baskets or shipping crates. Whatever you decide, make sure your containers look different from your trash containers so that your recyclables don't accidentally end up in the landfill!

Step 3: Clearly mark your recycle bins

Most communities require that you separate materials for recycling into glass, plastic, paper and aluminum. To avoid spending time sorting later, mark your recycle bins as to what kind of materials will be temporarily stored in them. Make the markings clear to you and everyone in your household.

Step 4: Place your recycle units in a convenient location

Learning how to recycle means learning how to overcome the temptation to just toss a bottle in the trash can. But you can remove that temptation by putting your home recycling containers in a convenient location, such as the kitchen, where you’ll be using many of the bottles and containers that will eventually be recycled, or the basement next to your trash can.

Step 5: Recycle regularly

Don’t let your recycling pile up. If you do, you’re more likely to toss the items in the trash.

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