How to Select the Best Yoga Towel

3 tips for buying the ideal yoga towel

Yoga can be a sweaty business, and some yoga mats should come with a warning sign: “Slippery when wet.” There is a solution, however: a yoga towel. A yoga towel is a special towel that fits over your yoga mat and absorbs all the excess moisture, allowing you to grip and stay standing during that tough pose. Here is a breakdown of what to look for and avoid when selecting a yoga towel.

Save the beach towel for the beach

Many people use a large beach towel or even a bath towel to cover their mat. While this is frugal, it’s not always the smart choice. Why? For starters, if the towel is not the same size as the mat, it can cover it up. This causes a problem because a lot of instructors use the size of the mat as a guideline for exercises. If you can’t see your mat, you could be overextending or not reaching far enough in a stretch.

Another downside to the beach towel option is that it might not offer enough absorption. In other words, you may end up with a soggy beach towel sitting on top of your mat, which is just not helpful at all. Yoga towels are created with a super absorbent material that dries quickly.

Check the fit and get a grip

Specially designed yoga towels are made to fit standard mat lengths and widths. The easiest way to ensure that yours will fit is to either bring your mat with you when shopping or buy your mat and towel from the same manufacturer. Secondly, a lot of companies make skidless yoga towels with little rubber grips on one side. Skidless yoga towels ensure that your towel will stay on your mat as you move through difficult yoga positions. The last thing you want to happen when you are twisted like a pretzel is to have your towel slip out from under you.

Color your world

When you buy your yoga towel, you can choose from an array of colors. If you want to stay low-key, pick a dark color such as navy or black. Choosing your favorite color may help motivate you during a tough stretch. If you use yoga for meditation or stress relief, pick a color that calms and soothes you. No matter the color, a proper yoga towel can improve your yoga session.

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