How to Recycle a Wedding

The green wedding might have started as a trend among the eco-friendilest people out there, but apparently more couples are deciding to take the plunge.

According to this article in the New York Times, green weddings are emerging into a significant trend this year as wedding planning season kicks into high gear. Some couples want to bring eco-friendly elements into their wedding, while others are doing whatever it takes to have a "zero waste" celebration.

Those who want a green wedding will find more and more resources and ideas as they plan their celebration. There are any number of options for those who want a wedding that doesn't deplete our natural resources.

Brides can opt for a vintage wedding gown, to re-use a dress that has only been worn once. Couples are also seeking out "clean," recycled gold for their wedding bands.

For flowers and decorations, more people are turning to locally-grown blooms or inquire about the conditions under which the plants were grown.

At the reception, people can use biodegradable plates and utensils. (And, wouldn't it amuse Grandpa to know that his fork is made from a potato?) They elect for menus made with organic, fair-trade certified ingredients and serve locally-produced beer or wine.

Some are deciding that rather than registering for china and kitchen stuff, they're asking guests to sign up for renewable energy or reforestation programs, or donate money to environmental causes. (Theoretically, that's a cool idea. But I'd I'd be really tempted to put at least a nice set of cookware on the wedding registry.)

In some cases, couples are evaluating the carbon footprint created by guests flying in to their celebration, and are donating money to organizations that plant trees or protect rainforests.

It does cost a bit extra to go green. But, as one bride noted, it’s well worth it to "start your life together in a way that’s in line with your values and beliefs."

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