How to Naturally Remove Warts

Three steps to remove these unsightly blemishes

Most people with warts want to remove them as soon as possible because they are unattractive and can spread. But commercial wart treatments are often painful, and the chemicals can occasionally burn skin. Because of this, learning how to remove a wart naturally can be beneficial whether you suffer from warts or you know someone who does. By following these steps, you’ll learn how removing warts naturally can be painless and easy.

Step 1: Wait

According to John Gallagher, L.Ac., CCH, warts occur when the skin breaks, which allows a virus to enter the body. Just as easily as they occur, they leave. Sometimes, warts that have been around for years suddenly disappear. Although Gallagher suggests that you avoid picking at the wart in order to avoid spreading it, if you simply wait them out, the warts will likely disappear on their own, making natural removal an easy, if longer than convenient, process.

Step 2: Rub a natural product on the wart

If you don’t have time to wait around and let the wart clear up on its own, you can rub a variety of organic materials on the wart. According to The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies, one solution is to use the powder from a vitamin. Vitamin A has proved most effective, but other vitamins, like C, have also worked. You can buy Vitamin A capsules and simply squeeze them on the wart, then cover the wart with bandages to keep the liquid in place.

Step 3: Take a natural remedy orally

While you would not want to treat warts with large doses of vitamin A taken orally — as The Doctor’s Book of Home Remedies indicates that it can be lethal — there are some natural solutions to warts that you can swallow in order to reduce or remove them. A tea made from Calendula is one example given by Gallagher. (You can also apply a bit of the brew to the wart itself.) Another natural wart removal technique is to take some Echinacea or drink an Echinacea tea.


All bodies are different. If a technique that works for a friend doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. When you try a variety of natural techniques, and when you are patient, your wart is bound to eventually disappear.


Learn how to remove a wart before you try it. Don’t pick, cut or pull at a wart. You could spread the wart and hurt yourself in the process.

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