How to Minimize Seasonal Allergies

Keep pollen at bay with these tips from The FIRM

We’ve all been eagerly awaiting spring’s magnificent arrival and are being drawn outside by the warm air and beautiful blooms. However, pollen can make outdoor experiences miserable for those of us who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Although there is no cure for allergies, there are several precautions you can take that will help reduce symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes) so that you can get out of the house and enjoy the outdoors. 

  • There are more over-the-counter (OTC) antihistamines and natural antihistamines available than ever before. Try taking an antihistamine about an hour before heading outside in order to prevent some of your symptoms. Always remember to check the label and make sure the medication isn’t going to make you too drowsy to work out. If you have tried OTC and natural options with no luck, check with your physician for something more potent.
  • Check the pollen count in your region of the country. You can go to, enter your zip code, and the pollen forecast for your area will come up. If it is a high pollen count day, consider staying indoors, or doing only light exercise outdoors, such as walking or swimming. When the pollen count is high, avoid intense, prolonged exercise such as running our cycling. These kinds of activities create a lot of wind and cause pollen to blow in your face.
  • When you come inside after exercising outdoors, there will be a good amount of pollen stuck to your clothes and hair. To avoid further symptoms, shower and change your clothes right away.
  • Avoid exercising outdoors during the time of day during which the pollen count is at its highest. This is typically between 5am and 10am and on windy days. 
  • Consider using a neti pot or other sinus irrigation method after excising outdoors. This is a great way to really rinse the pollen out of your nasal passageways to avoid symptoms associated with allergies.

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