How to Make Your Meditation More Meaningful

Personalize meditation with these 3 suggestions

Meditation is an increasingly popular technique for relieving stress, centering and improving concentration. According to a study published in Psychosomatic Medicine, regular meditation causes the transfer of brain activity away from the stress center to areas of the brain that correspond with relaxation and calm. Meditation can also have spiritual connotations for those who use the time to connect with their spirituality. Here are a few steps to help make your meditation more meaningful.

Step 1: Adjust your environment

Your meditation environment can help enhance your experience emotionally and make it more meaningful. How you choose to decorate your area depends significantly on your goal.

If your objective in meditation is stress relief or relaxation, surround yourself with soothing aromatherapy scents like lavender. Add soft textiles to your pillows or rugs, or whatever surface you sit on while meditating. Some people use meditation as a technique to let go of emotional hurts. If that is your case, hang up helpful mantras about healing, or even play those mantras while you meditate. If you use a recording, prepare it with your own voice.

Step 2: Meditate with a loved one

Taking an emotional or spiritual meditative journey with a loved one makes the experience much more meaningful. On top of the shared health benefits, meditation can make both of you calmer and more forgiving, improving your relationship and conflict-resolution abilities. It also gives you and your loved one a common interest and stimulating topic of conversation.

Meditation has benefits for kids as well. It can replace repeated time-outs as a more constructive way of dealing with unwanted behavior, which can relieve tension in your relationships with young children. Engaging in meditation to purposefully enhance and promote harmony in your relationships with loved ones will make your meditation time much more meaningful. Local yoga studios often offer meditation classes you can sign up for on a weekly or monthly basis.

Step 3: Involve your spirituality

Meditation can be a very spiritual process, although it does not have to be. Meditation for improved concentration and focus often involves repeating a mantra, and scriptures are an excellent choice for that mantra. Use a prayer or verse from your sacred texts, especially if there is one that speaks to any difficulties or stressors present in your life. Meditation can also be about being present in the moment, which is a perfect opportunity to be aware of the spiritual presence you believe in. This can make your meditation practice more meaningful by applying scripture to real life and bringing you closer to your spirituality.

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