How to Make a Green, Clean Kitchen

Want to learn how to green your kitchen? If you've got big spring greening plans for the kitchen, check out these guides for green kitchen renovations:

  • One woman's 16-month journey to eco-kitchen bliss. Gwendolyn Bounds of The Wall Street Journal tells her personal story of renovating her 300-square-foot kitchen. She now has a "kitchen of the future" that's green, clean, and non-toxic — even though it took her 484 days to realize her eco plans. The project may have been time-intensive, but her efforts seem to have paid off, literally. Gwendolyn spent $83,119 — about $26,000 less than the average upscale, 200-square-foot kitchen remodel last year.
  • A comprehensive eco-conscious kitchen remodel. CHOW's Michele Foley put together a comprehensive guide to "some completely realistic changes we could make that would have long-lasting effects." Starting with 10 basic questions that we should really be asking of any product we buy, Michele then covers every aspect of remodeling, from floors and cabinets to paint and lighting. Keep in mind, however, that enjoying what you already have may be the most eco decision of all. Writes Michele: "CHOW doesn’t recommend unnecessary refurbishing — part of being green is maximizing what you have, not creating more waste."
  • Five easy ways to green your next remodel. If Gwendolyn and Michele's advice feels overwhelming, calm down by reading WSJ's Developments blog post about simple green changes you can make to eco-fy your renovation project. The tips go for any area of the house — not just the kitchen — and at least three out of these five tips will continue saving you money in energy costs.

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