How to Lower Your Electricity Bill

4 steps to reduce your energy use and costs

Looking to save money each month? Lowering your electricity bill is a fast and easy way to do so. But lowering your electricity bill can also give you something much more than extra cash each month; it can give you the satisfying knowledge that you’re doing your part to save the environment. And by following these steps, lowering your electricity bill can be easier than ever before.

Step 1: Buying energy efficient products

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, appliances and other products that are specifically designed to use less electricity can help you save a great deal over time. Remember, though, that although these products might be more expensive at first, in the long run they will save you money. Some examples of products designed to lower your energy bills include specialized light bulbs, appliances with the Energy Star label and windows designed to keep the cold air out.

Step 2: Use natural light

On the simple end of things, you can just turn off your lights during the day and use the sun to light your home. If you want to use the natural light in a more advance way, you can install solar panels for your house and use the sun to power many of the eletrical appliances in your house.

Step 3: Control the temperature in your home

According to MSN Money, heating and cooling make up the largest portion of most electric bills. For this reason, reducing the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling is crucial. MSN Money suggests a programmable thermostat that can be adjusted automatically for times when you're generally not at home or when you're asleep. By using less heat or air conditioning during these times, you save money and you lower your carbon footprint.

Step 4: Install new bathroom and kitchen fixtures

Purchasing low-flow showerheads and faucets is one way to reduce the amount of money you spend heating the water in your home. Another easy way to reduce the cost of heating, according to MSN Money, is to buy a hot water jacket. This simple product can help save on heating your water, without forcing you to take a cold shower.


The Environmental Protection Agency's website now feature calculators that can help you calculate your carbon footprint and energy use. Use one to get a better idea of how much energy you’re actually using.

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