How to Get Sculpted Arms

4 steps for fit, fat-free arms

If your arms could use a little toning, you're not alone. Flabby arms are a common problem. For those of you who still think muscle is unfeminine, think again. You'll need to build muscle on those arms in order to help you burn off the fat. Lean muscle will give your arms a sleek, sculpted look. Here are a few exercises to build muscle, burn calories and make your arms look great through repetition.

Step 1: Do push-ups

Push-ups work pecs, triceps and shoulder muscles and, according to Mayo Clinic, are a great exercise to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. Push-ups easily adapt to your strength level. You might want to start out on your knees, instead of your toes. Or, if you want more of a challenge, try placing your feet up higher — maybe on an aerobics step or the bottom rung of a wooden chair.

Step 2: Do bicep curls

For a great, simple bicep workout, take some free weights in each hand, then take turns curling the weight up to your shoulder. Or, for a more advanced workout that will also build your triceps, Petra Kolber, an official Reebok Fitness Athlete who is certified by both the American College of Sports Medicine and the National Academy of Sports Medicine, describes this exercise:

  • Curl both weights at the same time.
  • Then, once they're at your shoulders, lift them straight up over your head, and then bend your elbows and bring the weights down slowly behind your head.
  • Hold for a moment, lift them back up, and then carefully lower the weights down to your sides.

Step 3: Do tricep dips

Located on the back side of the upper arms, the triceps can be a tricky area to tone.

  • Sit right in front of a stable chair or bench, with your back up against it.
  • Put your legs out in front of you and your hands on the seat of the chair behind you.
  • Slowly lower yourself down as far as you can go, then push yourself back up using only your arms.

For a little extra challenge, WebMD suggests stacking one heel on top of the other.

Step 4: Do arm raises

Women's Health recommends this simple exercise to work biceps and shoulders. Start with a dumbbell between 5 and 8 pounds in each hand, arms down at your sides. Then, extend your arms straight out, but slightly in front of you so they form a "v" shape, until they are parallel with the floor. Pause, then slowly lower them back down to the starting position.

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