How to Get Fit at Home

Four steps to home-based workouts with DVDs, equipment, the outdoors and more

Whether you're tired of fighting the traffic to and from the gym, don’t know exactly what to do once you get there or hate waiting in line for equipment (or having to sponge it down when its available), working out at the gym just may not be for you. Fortunately, it’s super easy, and convenient, to exercise at home. Here are four ideas that will help you to get fit at home.

Step 1: Invest in exercise DVDs

Using exercise DVDs to get fit at home as part of your fitness plan has multiple benefits. You can do it any time you want -- before work, on your lunch break or even in the middle of the night! Exercise DVDs also give you the freedom to choose from many different forms of exercise such as dance cardio, a plyometrics routine, full body sculpting — even pole dancing cardio — or strength training DVDs such as yoga or pilates. You don't have to worry about the class getting full or not being offered at a convenient time.

Step 2: Leave exercise equipment around the house

Getting fit at home does not have to be a big production. Leave a dumbbell next to your phone and do bicep curls while you're talking to a girlfriend. Leave an exercise band next to the remote control so you can use it to stretch and strengthen your arms, shoulders and back while watching the news or your favorite program. Once you look for them, you will see little opportunities throughout your house to get some form of exercise several times a week, or day.

Step 3: Split the time between outside and inside

Richard Weil, M.Ed., exercise physiologist and weight loss clinic consultant, recommends mixing it up at home by going on a brisk walk and then doing abdominal and upper body exercises inside. If you enjoy yoga, consider doing yoga on your front or back lawn and heading indoors for squats and lunges.

Step 4: Avoid boredom

Your quest to get fit at home is going to require commitment and motivation. Be sure to try a variety of DVDs, work out outside when the weather permits and even invite a friend or neighbor to join you. Consistency is the key to keeping fit, and you don't want to fall off the fitness wagon due to boredom from the same old routine.

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