How to Feng Shui Your Home Office

6 decoration tips to get the most from working at home

Feng shui is based on the flow of ch’i, or the energy that connects people with their environment. Feng shui teaches that the design of your home and the correct placement of objects affect your balance and the flow of energy. By properly arranging your environment, you can stimulate wealth, love, success, happiness and overall prosperity.

Successful corporations such as Citibank and Chase feng shui their offices to achieve maximum financial potential. The following feng shui strategies from David Daniel Kennedy, author of Feng Shui for Dummies, can easily be applied to your home office space.

Step 1: Choose your home work area location using feng shui

If you are working from home, it is ideal to have a workspace that is separate from the other energies of the house. The home office should be located as far from the bedroom as possible in order not to conflict with sound sleep. If your office space must be in your bedroom, be sure to separate the energies with a screen. A home office should not be located in the center of the house or under the stairway. Opt to place your home office in a room with a high ceiling in order to stimulate growth and productivity in your business.

Step 2: Select a desk according to feng shui principles

To avoid taking on the possible negative energy of a previous owner, purchasing a desk new is best. The best desk shapes are rectangular or curved. Avoid working at a desk that is missing corners or incomplete. L-shaped desks run the risk of positioning your back to the door and limiting your movement and the flow of energy. Desks should be sturdy and preferably made of wood. According to feng shui principles, a glass-top desk can cause money and business deals to fall through. It's also important to keep the area underneath your desk free of all objects, including trashcans, in order to keep your career on the right track.

Step 3: Feng shui your desk placement

Sitting with your back to a door is a feng shui no-no. There’s a lot that can go on behind our backs, so make sure you have an advantageous view of the door that allows you to see the entryway without having to shift position.

If you are unable to position your desk in this manner, hang a mirror on the wall in front of you so that you can see the entryway. Do not position your desk in the center of the room, as such placement diminishes your authority.

In order to maintain more control over your space, position your desk as far from the door as possible, but do not position your desk directly opposite the door, as the force of the energy coming through the door is too overwhelming and can lead to feelings of frustration or confusion.

Make sure you are sitting with your back to a solid wall, not a wall of windows, which creates a feeling of instability. While windows create the necessary light and energy to enhance our workspace, it's best not to face the window, as the view tends to be more distracting than inspiring.

Step 4: De-clutter your home work area

Clutter blocks the flow of energy. Don’t take up unnecessary space in your home office with big bulky furniture. Of course you need your desk, file cabinet and book shelf, but keep only what you actually need, and make de-cluttering and desk cleaning a daily part of your work ritual.

Step 5: Feng shui your home office with color

Colors inspire people in different ways, and while feng shui assigns specific tasks to specific colors, it is important to pay attention to how certain colors stimulate you. If you are looking to solidify deals or entertain in you home office, decorating your home office with red is a great color choice. Feng shui experts also suggest yellow as a viable color for a home office as it encourages creativity, focus and discipline. Blue-green is another color that promotes creativity and has a soothing, calming effect. Do not paint the ceiling of your home office a dark color, as it will leave you feeling closed in and possibly depressed.

Step 6: Feng shui your home office in quadrants

Increase abundance and prosperity by decorating the wealth, fame and career quadrants of your home office. The wealth area is located in the upper left corner of a room. To activate the wealth quadrant, hang a crystal from the ceiling or arrange a crystal bowl or thriving plant.

The back center portion is the fame quadrant, and is represented by the element fire. To stimulate financial success and movement in your career, place a candle or bright light in this area. A red object, such as red flowers or a pyramid, is also an effective feng shui tool.

The career area is located at the center front of your office and is enhanced by the water element. Decorate with the colors black or midnight blue in this location of your home office to stimulate your career. Paintings of water or the ocean, or a fountain, in this location are also easy decorating solutions to help your career thrive.

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I'm considering an office in a building where I'll be surrounded by windows. Aesthetically, it's very pleasing . But I'm concerned about having my back to a window. What can I do to minimize the impact from the rear window? I've read that a hanging a crystal in the center of the window with a 9" red string will work. Thoughts?

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I have no idea, sorry. im still learning myslf. perhaps keeps the shades pulled behind you? Hmmm?

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