How Does Spiritual Healing Work?

How to pray for recovery

Spiritual healing exists in Christianity, Christian Science, mesmerism, shamanism and numerous other faiths. It involves an appeal to God or any higher power to heal others through prayer, meditation, faith and the transmission of energy through various means to the person who needs healing. It can involve self-healing or a separate healer, and some people may consider such healing divine intervention.

Divine intervention

The term divine intervention refers to a miracle caused by God’s direct and active involvement in the human world. If you look at the words themselves, it means an intervening by a divine power. God got involved. God intervened. The healing of a person, through faith healing or spiritual healing, could be considered divine intervention.

Faith healing

Faith healing refers to supernatural healing — healing that results from prayer or the laying on of hands, rather than medicine. According to author and theologist Andrew Village, faith healing is the idea that religious belief, or faith, can bring about healing. Faith healing occurs through prayers or rituals that evoke a divine power toward individuals who need healing of a disease or disability. Faith healing may take the form of prayer, a statement of faith in a god or gods and their ability to heal, the laying on of hands, anointing the sick with oil, visiting a religious shrine or other ritualistic variations on the same theme.

Dr. Stephen Barrett, M.D., says that claims that prayer, divine intervention and faith healing can cure illness have been popular throughout history. The Apologetics Index, a nonprofit online Christian ministry, says the term is most common in reference to Christianity. The Christian Bible is full of reports of faith healings, especially in the New Testament gospels. The group adds that advocates claim that, even in our modern age of medicine and technological advancement, faith healing has cured blindness, deafness, AIDS, cancer and a range of other diseases with wide success. These healings are often called miracles.

Spiritual healing

Spiritual healing can help both physical and emotional problems. A goal of spiritual healing is to eradicate problems, usually starting in the mind, to restore balance to the person and continue spiritual awakening. Wounds, emotional or physical, impede our spiritual progress and therefore must be healed before awakening can continue.

Spiritual healing involves the channeling of energy from a spiritual source to someone who needs it. The channel is usually a person, a healer, and the energy is transferred through that person’s hands. The spiritual healing doesn’t come from the healer -- just through him.

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