How Does Color Affect Your Home Atmosphere?

Paint your walls with personality by knowing the effects of blue, green, red and yellow

Decorating with color can be a little scary, since colors say a lot about your personality. Are you a bright yellow kind of person, or a sultry mauve? Do you feel the best in a subdued mint green, or in flashy, bright orange? Picking the right colors for your home is just as important as picking colors for your clothing, and it is the key to setting the kind of atmosphere you want your home to have.

How shades of yellows and reds affect your home atmosphere

Every color has its own wavelength, and red has the longest of all the color wavelengths. Because it does have the longest wavelength, red is the strongest color and reactions to it are generally felt strongly. The positive side of having red in your home is that it can give your home atmosphere strength, warmth and energy. Although red is often associated with danger, Dr. Mary Nicholson, Ph.D. from Bloomsburg University notes that in China it is the color of celebration, and in many religions it is used in wedding ceremonies as the color of purity.

Yellow has the second longest wavelength, and is considered the most stimulating color. Having yellow in your home will give the atmosphere a friendly feeling and aids in setting an ambiance of creativity. According to the Mayo Clinic, when we detect light, our brain produces serotonin, the lovely little hormone that aids our cheeriness. Since yellow is a bright color in almost all of its shades and is a color that amplifies light, decorating a room with yellow will help give it a happy, wakeful atmosphere.

How shades of blues and greens affect your home atmosphere

Blue is known to have calming effects and is considered an intellectual color. Blue has the converse reaction that red does, as it affects us strictly mentally. According to Angela Wright, a recognized expert on the unconscious effects of color, brighter blues will stimulate the atmosphere in your home, aiding you in clear thinking, while softer blues have a calming effect on the atmosphere and can help you concentrate. A soft blue would be a nice choice for a sitting room or library, considering its calming qualities.

Green has a similar effect on your home atmosphere as blue, since it is also a calming color. Sitting right in the middle of the color spectrum, the green wavelength hits your eye in a way that requires no adjustment, therefore immediately giving the atmosphere a sense of calm and balance.

As you can see, the biggest factor in setting the atmosphere in your home is you and your emotions, so decorate your home with colors that make you feel comfortable and at peace. Colors will affect your home atmosphere through your perception.

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