How Do Successful People Think?

3 ways to find success by thinking like a person who enjoys success

According to Deepak Chopra, MD, world-renowned authority in the field of mind-body healing, there are many ways to measure success. In his book, Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Dr. Chopra explains that successful people are aware that success includes an array of factors including, but not limited to, good health, creativity, relationships and a sense of well-being. Understanding how to be successful demands an understanding of how successful people think.

Successful people think good thoughts

According to John Maxwell, author of How Successful People Think, thinking good thoughts is paramount to success and successful thinking. Successful people take time to purposely think successful thoughts. They take responsibility for their own thoughts, and in turn their own success. One exercise Maxwell recommends in How Successful People Think, is to have scheduled thinking time as a part of your routine. Visualize your success; think of solutions to problems and new directions for your success. After cultivating the good thoughts, the next step would be to act on them before they dissolve.

Another tip is not to be satisfied with just one good thought. Even if one thought you had is earning you success, continue to take the time to think and create that next new idea that will carry you forward in future successes. In addition to your own successful thinking, surround yourself with other successful thinkers. This will help your own success immensely by allowing you to share ideas and information that have helped you and others succeed.

Successful people know when to move forward and when to let go

In his aforementioned book, the fourth of Chopra's seven laws of success speaks of not forcing or pushing things, but rather finding the path of least resistance. This method can be seen in nature represented by water traveling down a hill. Water will find the path of least resistance.

Successful thinking is finding the ideas that are in harmony with the world around them, and are able to be manifested with ease. This does not mean that success does not take effort, because it does, but this law speaks to the difference between forcing ideas through where conflict abounds, verses finding ideas or solutions that manifest more gracefully. This can be summed up by saying successful thinking is in part knowing when to push forward and knowing when to find another way.

Believe in yourself

According to Tony Robbins, noted motivational speaker and self-help guru and author, believing in yourself is the starting point for success. Part of Robbins' philosophy is that you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself. Part of believing in yourself is looking at any self-doubts you might have about your ability to succeed, and taking responsibility for any thoughts that are limiting your success. He goes on to say that what you believe affects how you take action.

Once you clean up any doubtful beliefs, you can begin to take successful action. Taking action, according to Robbins, is the only way to succeed, and taking the right action based on healthy beliefs is the best way to do it. Robbins also mentions success as being related to the overall health of our mind and body coupled with a compassionate drive to succeed.

To summarize, successful people take responsibility for their thoughts and beliefs. They take positive action based on self-cultivated successful beliefs. They take this action with a healthy, passionate energy creating successful thinking and success.

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