How to Detox Your Body

5 steps to start a body detox program, plus tips on how to stick with it

Take these five steps to learn how to detox your body. Safely rid your body of toxins and accumulated waste, exercise to sweat out more toxins and enjoy a healthier life with this whole body cleanse program.

Step 1: Choose the right method

Before deciding how to detox your body, it's a good idea to think about a method that will work with your lifestyle. Many people give up before detoxification is complete because they attempt methods that are either unhealthy or require too much time. Choose a safe method, such as herbal detox shakes that you can add to your diet. Cut saturated fats from your diet, and increase your intake of organically grown foods.

To effectively detox your body, you need to follow through with a single method, but the method you select should be one that you can maintain regularly. You may also want to consider a regular ion foot bath or a detox spa that offers herbal wraps and detox spa treatments.

Step 2: Exercise regularly

Include a regular exercise program to help detox your body by sweating. This should be a program you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Although the medical world is not in agreement about the elimination of toxins in sweat, there are certainly a number of other health benefits to exercise. Some people tend to begin an exercise program enthusiastically, only to tire of it within a week. Use good judgment when setting your exercise goals. Body detox takes time.

A couple of days worth of exercise and eating better will not get rid of what it has taken you a lifetime to accumulate. Walking, jogging and even weight lifting are effective exercises to help detox. Meditation is another valuable tool that many professionals feel can aid in the release of toxins. These are body detox methods generally considered safe and manageable.

Step 3: Avoid some programs

Avoid faddish body detox programs that suggest you eat nothing but organic fruits and vegetables. Other programs you should avoid are those that suggest you fast or even those that suggest a diet consisting of nothing but liquids.

While you detox your body, you need to ensure a normal intake of vitamins and minerals. An over-the-counter multivitamin can help ensure that you maintain the proper intake of vitamins and minerals during the detoxification process. Add liquids to replenish electrolytes that can diminish during an intensive exercise workout.

Step 4: Talk to a doctor

Consult with a doctor before you begin any program you've set up for yourself. This is especially important if you have health issues, or you are taking any kind of prescribed medication. Ask your doctor about any foods or beverages you want to add to your diet. Ask about your planned exercise program and how it will affect your health. A medical doctor can accurately assess any detox program you undertake.

Step 5: Maintain your program

Maintain the program you choose. Removing toxins from your body is the first step to a healthier life, but keeping them out is an ongoing process that requires a permanent body detox method you can realistically stick to. Find a safe, time-friendly method and make it a part of your life routine.

Lifetime detox strategy

You have decided you want to detox your body. Great. But how? Choosing a healthy body detox program can be a challenge. The Internet is full of plans and methods that may or may not work. Getting to know the various detox methods is important if you want to detox for life.

Choosing a detox method

There are plenty of books that outline various methods, which include herbal shakes and herbal detox recipes for organ-specific detox. Consulting with a physician before you get involved in any of these detox programs can save you time and money and help ensure that you don't fall victim to dangerous detox methods. It's important to choose a natural body detox method for a safe body detox. It's also important to consider your lifestyle before you commit to a lifetime detox plan. Jobs, kids and other aspects of daily living can easily disrupt your plan to detox for life.

Initial detox process

Before you can detox for life, you will need to do an initial detox to rid your body of chemicals and other pollutants that have built up over time. Your initial detox plan might include a colon and intestine flush, a spa treatment designed to help draw poisons from your system or a full herbal body wrap. Your initial detox should ideally include a complete change in your diet that focuses on getting rid of saturated fats, alcohol and foods containing preservatives. Foods to incorporate into your diet include organically grown fruits and vegetables and meat products. Before you go ahead with major diet changes, always consult with your family doctor to make sure you're not doing more harm than good.

Maintaining detoxification for life

Maintaining a toxin-free body is more than just cleaning your system once. It's essential that you include healthy eating habits (avoid foods with preservatives and other chemicals), avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages and exercise regularly. Occasional visits to your favorite spa for an herbal body wrap or a foot detox procedure can be an effective treatment as well.

A lifetime detox strategy requires commitment to the detox method you choose. This is why time spent choosing the healthy body detox method that works best for you and why consulting a doctor about the long-term effects of your chosen method are important. To maintain a toxin-free body, you will need to be consistent and regular with your cleansing and exercise routine daily — for the rest of your life. A lifetime detox strategy can be successful only if you are willing and able to put in the time it takes to make it work.

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