How to Declutter Your Mind

3 tips for clearing your mind of harmful memories and emotions

If you’ve ever had so much on your mind that you couldn’t concentrate on a specific activity, it’s clear that you need to declutter your mind. Even if you tend to be a very focused individual, decluttering your mind can be beneficial for you, as it allows you to re-focus and once again become “centered.” Follow these steps to learn how to declutter your mind.

Step 1: Meditate

According to the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM), meditation involves focusing attention and having an open attitude. If your mind is cluttered, it’s likely because there are some negative feelings or thoughts swirling around with all the tasks you must accomplish and the worries you have.

Meditating focuses your attention away from these things and allows you to enter a relaxed state. The NCCAM states that people who meditate should also have a non-judgmental attitude toward distractions, in some cases objectively evaluating the distractions. This allows you to practice how you might deal with a full and busy life without having a cluttered mind. Meditating also allows you to make more clear, deliberate decisions instead of making poor decisions that are impacted by your cluttered mind.

Step 2: Silence worry

According to certified meditation teacher and life coach Hilda Carroll, nothing good can come of worry. Worry can only change one thing—your health; the negative health effects of worry are numerous. Carroll suggests stopping worry by immediately identifying and banishing the worrying thought and focusing instead on how you would like the situation to play out.

Step 3: Declutter your home

Carroll says that there is a connection between a cluttered life and a cluttered home. When we throw things out, we can also throw out the emotional ties we hold to them. This can help us forget the past and start anew. If you have emotional clutter that’s not attached to anything physical, Carroll suggests making a list of what you’ve been procrastinating about and then forming a plan to get it done. Additionally, she recommends forgiving and releasing anger.


When you have a goal, you accomplish almost anything better, so give yourself a goal of decluttering your mind and you’ll see yourself accomplish it.


A cluttered mind is a dangerous thing, especially if your mind is so cluttered with worry that you can’t see what is right in front of you. Make sure you take steps to declutter your mind before your mind gets so cluttered, and your body so stressed, that your well-being — and that of other s— is compromised.

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