How to Create a Spa at Home in Your Bathroom

5 steps to create a DIY spa in your home

The spa experience can be one of life’s great pleasures. To be able to relax, unwind and rejuvenate is a priceless experience. Well, if you have been to a spa lately, you know that it actually does have quite a steep price. You'll be lucky to get in and out of a spa for under $100; make that $200 for the bigger hotel spas. The good news is there is a way to enjoy spa relaxation every day! Make your home bathroom into a home beauty spa, and enjoy a spa experience whenever you want.

Step 1: Determine the scope of your project

If you are going to turn your home bathroom into a home spa experience, first consider your budget. With a large budget, you could pull out all the stops and add a new, separate spa bathroom to your existing house or totally remodel your existing bathroom, both of which would require the help of a contractor. On a smaller budget, you can make less expensive changes involving simple adjustments to your current bathroom, which you can most likely do yourself.

Step 2: Prepare for a relaxing soak

Water is an essential part of most spa experiences. If you've decided to build a new home spa or remodel your existing bathroom, you can purchase a whirlpool tub based on the dimensions of your spa bathroom plan. For a quicker and much less expensive home spa creation, you can purchase a removable jet set for your current bathtub. Removable water spa jets come in many shapes and sizes and can be placed in your tub when you are ready to relax.

Another thrifty idea is to add pleasant-smelling bath oils and salts to spice up your tub, enhance your sensory experience and help you unwind in your home beauty spa.

Step 3: Set the mood with lighting

Lighting is an important component in the relaxation experience. If you already have natural light coming through your bathroom windows, you can use it for daytime trips to your home spa. A sheer curtain in any color can create a pleasant ambiance as sunlight filters through the fabric. If you are using your home spa at night, installing a dimmer switch or purchasing some soft output light bulbs can give you gentle relaxation lighting. Candlelight is always a romantic and relaxing mood-setter, and scented candles can add a touch of aromatherapy.

Step 4: Add soothing sounds

Sound plays an important role in the home spa experience. If you have a home stereo system, you can wire a set of speakers into your bathroom. A less expensive option is to purchase a smaller portable CD player and set it up in your bathroom. For safety purposes, place it off the floor on a stand or shelf far from the tub, toilet and sink. Pop in a soothing CD with nature sounds — like the sounds of the ocean, forest, rain or windchimes; gentle New Age music; or other music you find relaxing. This can be an inexpensive way to bring your home spa to the next level.

Step 5: Incorporate aromatherapy

The smell in your home beauty spa is important when creating your ambiance. If you're not already using scented candles or bath oil, try an essential oil diffuser. Essential oils can be expensive, but many believe they're worth it because of their healing and aromatherapuetic effects on the body. Choose scents that are relaxing to you, such as lavender or rose, and are not too overwhelming.

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