How to Create a Custom Body Detox Plan

5 steps to finding a detox plan right for you

You’ve heard about body detox plans, and you're left wondering: Could my body be full of toxins? Michael Picco, gastroenterologist at Mayo Clinic, suggests that you be careful when you think about body detoxification. He says that unhealthy elements are routinely removed from the body through urine and stool and that a health diet is best. But you can create a custom body detox that is just that — a healthy diet.

Step 1: Understand what a detox is

According to Judy Bass in an April 2003 article in Natural Health, a detox occurs when you don’t eat certain foods for a short time. This process is meant to get rid of the negatives in your body. If you’re trying to use a miracle mix for a body detox plan, you’ll be disappointed in the results. But if you’re creating a custom body detox to help you eat better, you should be prepared to have more energy and feel better at the end of your cleanse.

Step 2: Learn more and create a healthy detox plan

You need to create a healthy body detox diet plan to stick to when you’re fasting. Picco suggests that a diet of fruits, vegetables, whole grain, lean protein and unsaturated fat is best. A detox diet won’t mean anything if you don’t customize it to fit your health needs. Learn about different kinds of diets, like the Mediterranean diet and vegetarian diets, and look for detox recipes, before you detox.

Step 3: Make healthy choices

When you create your custom body detox, make sure you’re making healthy choices. According to Bass, there are some detox plans that require eating nothing and drinking only juice. However, she suggests this is not a healthy body detox diet. Instead, she recommends the diet prescribed by Dr. Elson M. Haas, author of The Detox Diet, who bases his diet on vegetables and whole grains. Before you choose to incorporate anything into your diet, research and check with your doctor.

Step 4: Incorporate good eating behaviors

Participate in good eating behaviors during your natural body cleanse to help you stay on the right track. Haas recommends that you sit down while eating and spend some time chewing each bite, in addition to drinking water when you wake up in the morning. Your body detox doesn’t have to just be about the body. It can be about mind and behavior as well. Practicing good eating habits will help you change your eating behavior.

Step 5: Change your lifestyle

When you’re done with your body detox, don’t run back to your old diet, but let the detox change your ways. Although you will want to go back to eating some foods that you ate before, show discretion. Haas recommends slowly adding new types of foods one at a time to see which kinds of foods cause problems, such as bloating, and eliminate them from your diet forever.

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