How to Break a Detox

6 steps to detox and get your digestive system working well again

To effectively break a fast and ease back into eating healthy, follow these steps advocated by certified naturopathic physicians Cara Phillipo, ND, and Robert Madda, ND, from the Tiburon Wellness Center in Tiburon, Calif.

Step 1: Break your detox with intention

Stay inspired and committed to your optimal health by taking time to reflect on how your detox diet made you feel. Note how certain foods make you feel as you reintroduce them, paying attention to your body as it consumes, digests and eliminates.

Step 2: Start slowly

Start by adding sweet or juicy raw fruits and energizing veggies to your diet. Try to prepare simple, healthy meals such as salads or soups.

Step 3: Avoid salt, initially

Salt holds toxins in the body, making the body work harder to continue detoxing. Leave it out of your meals at first.

Step 4: Stay away from sugar, caffeine and alcohol

Supplement your meals with green tea or detox tea and lots of water to fully flush your system as you begin eating again. If your body craves sugar, try making a mineral-rich berry smoothie instead.

Step 5: Introduce other protein sources, like chicken or fish, sparingly

At first, your meals should be made primarily of vegetables and legumes like spinach, broccoli, greens and beans. Dairy and red meat products should be reintegrated last when breaking a fast, as they take the most energy to digest. Keep your portions of protein modest but satisfying. Leave room in your body for plenty of water with each meal.

Step 6: Commit to eating mindfully

When breaking a fast, do not overload your digestive system. Be sensitive to your body; it will help tell you how to break your fast.

Because your digestive system is working less during detoxification, allow it time to process. Take time to chew your food, taste it and enjoy it.

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