How to Banish Belly Bloat

6 bloat-beating diet tricks

So many of my clients have complaints about feeling bloated. They want to know how they can lose the bloat and puffiness. And the good news is that with a proper diet, you CAN de-bloat your body and look and feel so much better in just a matter of days. It does require commitment, but after just two days you will feel the difference. Almost immediately after starting an anti-bloat routine, the rings on your fingers will be looser, your eyes will be brighter and less puffy, and your jeans will feel looser in the waistline. Here’s what you need to do:

1. Cut the sugar. Sugar in your diet causes your blood sugar and insulin levels to skyrocket, resulting in a cascade of hormones that result in water retention. Take a look at our article about how to reduce the sugar in your diet.

2. Cut the sodium. You probably know this, but sodium really does cause you to retain water. It is best to aim for a diet that contains less than 2,400 mg of sodium per day. Read food labels and be on the lookout for high-sodium foods, such as canned soups, sauces and marinades and frozen processed foods.

3. Up the water! Be sure to get a minimum of 64 ounces of water per day. This will flush out your system, and will leave you feeling lighter and noticeably less bloated. (Water will also help to curb your sugar and salt cravings.)

4. Lose the refined carbs. Similar to sugar, refined carbohydrates cause your insulin to skyrocket, resulting in a hormonal environment that’s prime for water retention.

5. Up the lean protein. Protein is a natural diuretic, and by choosing lean protein, you are feeding your muscles while flushing water out of your system.

6. Increase the omega-3 fatty acids. Choose foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids such as avocado, flax seeds, salmon and olive oil. These fatty acids are a natural anti-inflammatory, which is very beneficial when you are trying to lose the bloat.

I can assure you that by following these six anti-bloating principles you will feel less puffy and will most likely even see a drop on the scale. Give them a try!

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