How to Attract Genuine Love

4 steps to finding that special someone

If you want to attract genuine love, first you have to know what it is. It's not a crush or an infatuation but a true, deep emotional bond. The Hendricks Institute, an international learning center that offers an online course on attracting genuine love, describes genuine love as a "lasting, loving relationship that transforms your life and completely satisfies you."

Sounds pretty good to me. But attaining that wonderful relationship isn't always easy. Here are a few steps that will help move you in the right direction.

Step 1: Learn from a good example

We all first learn about love by example, usually from our parents. Through providing essentials like food and shelter, protecting us and communicating with us, we learn what love is. If you didn't have a good example of love and care as a child, don't worry, you can still learn to love and attract genuine love as an adult if you're willing to examine yourself and make changes.

Step 2: Be willing to change

According to certified life coach Chris Lucerne, attracting genuine love requires a willingness to transform your own reality and your own life. For example, you might say that you are dedicated to being in a committed and loving relationship, but you don’t demonstrate that desire through your actions. Instead, you might hop from relationship to relationship or choose wrong partners. According to Lucerne, once you recognize your unconscious actions, you can then make healthy changes in your own life. You must recognize what needs to change before you can change it.

Step 3: Overcome your fears

You can’t fear love if you want to attract it. With today’s high divorce rates, it's very likely you’ve seen and/or experienced bad relationships and divorce. This might lead you to have a fear of being in a relationship. According to Lucerne, you need to overcome your fear of being in a relationship before you can attract genuine love.

Step 4: Learn to love yourself

Lucerne says people who don’t love themselves are not successful at attracting genuine love because they only attract other people who don’t love themselves. Learn to love everything about yourself, he says, and try not to be overly critical of yourself. You cannot truly love yourself if you criticize, judge or loathe any aspect of yourself.

Attracting genuine love doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes effort and requires change. Finding a conscious, loving relationship takes work, but is worth the effort.

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