How to Achieve Deep Meditation

6 steps to enhance your meditation session

Meditation deepens your mind's connection with your body. With practice, you may achieve deep meditation; a relaxed state of the physical body and awakened state of mind.

Meditation tips

A few meditation tips to consider before beginning meditation:

  • Keep yourself comfortable — Find a private and safe space, free from distraction. Wear loose clothing.
  • Do not strain your body — Use a pillow to support a seated position, or, try a supine posture such as corpse pose.
  • Do not strain your mind — Begin with five-10 minutes of deep meditation, working to 30 minutes. You will soon find time slips away.
  • Be open to your experience — Don't judge yourself; observe with compassion.

Step 1: Create a safe sanctuary for yourself

Your goal is to go inward, so your outer environment should be peaceful and conducive to relaxation.

Step2: Position your body

Keep the spine straight and long in a comfortable seated position to distribute your breath and energy evenly. You may also begin meditation supported in a reclined position, placing a pillow under your neck, fully relaxing the muscles. In the deepened meditative state, you may slip into unconsciousness, or sleep, while reclined. (This is not bad - you will awake refreshed and relaxed).

Step 3: Gently close your eyes and begin

Bring awareness to your breath. Use your focus to make your inhalations and exhalations even in length, breathing in and out through the nose. Count up 1, 2, 3 and down 3, 2, 1. Or, use a soothing image such as ocean waves to keep your breath full and even.

Step 4: Let go of stress and tension

Release any tension in your physical body. Scan your body and notice any imbalances. Breathe into these areas.

Step 5: Focus inward

To achieve deep meditation, turn your focus inward. Focus on the space between your brow -- your "third eye," or spiritual center. You may choose another area of focus, such as your heart center, or you may bring your awareness throughout your body — moving from the ground up to the crown of the head. You may choose to envision a color, or you may already see one. Fill your whole body with the feeling of this color. Can you change the color? Music or guided imagery may deepen your meditation.

Step 6: Return to the real world slowly

Bring your thought back to the physical body, wiggling fingers and toes and returning from your meditative state. The depth of meditation may vary with your level of concentration, experience and awareness, and should deepen with practice.


You may find it hard to articulate your own experiences in deep meditation, but there are plenty of meditation books that may contain similar stories. There are also meditation books with meditation scripts, suggested exercises and other meditation tips. Attend meditation classes — appropriate for beginners — to learn meditation tips and exercises with hands-on support, as well as the opportunity to connect with fellow classmates about recommendations for books on meditation or other shared experiences. There are meditation videos, music and even meditation rooms online that offer images and soothing sounds.

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