A Green Winter Wonderland

Stay green while skiing or snowboarding.

If you’re going skiing or snowboarding soon — or just need a pair of gloves — check out these tips that’ll keep you warm and get you moving while staying eco-friendly:

  • Green your winter sports. Your Daily Thread gives you the lowdown on greening your skiing and snowboarding. Learn how you can get pre-loved gear at a bargain, dress the environmentalist’s part, and get to your destination greenly.
  • Recycle your outdoor gear. HowStuffWorks has put together an in-depth guide, from recycling to donating to evaluating what items just need to be thrown away. “For example, you shouldn’t donate used climbing rope. Rope must be in top condition for safe climbs.” Read on to donate and recycle safely.
  • Accidentally shrunk your favorite sweater? Make Recycled Sweater Gloves! Cut Out + Keep has very simple instructions, which basically consist of cutting out rectangles and sewing on buttons. If you don’t have the confidence to take scissors to your ruined sweater, buy pretty gloves from crafters who do. At Etsy, you can get gorgeous recycled and upcycled gloves made from recycled sweaters and other materials.

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