Green Tea for Teeth

By now we know that green tea is good for the body — overflowing with antioxidants that help protect us from disease — but the latest on the tea of the moment is that it’s also beneficial for the mouth and teeth.

I was under the impression that tea and coffee were detrimental to successful oral hygiene — staining the teeth and souring the breath — but research over the past few years has found that tea (green tea in particular) can fight cavities, prevent gum disease, and destroy bad breath.

Green tea seems to reduce the amount of bacteria in the mouth that causes bad breath and the flavonoids in the tea team up with toothpaste or mouthwash to enhance their cavity-fighting power.

You can receive the benefits of green tea without brewing a pot. There are several quality green tea toothpastes available. Nature’s Gate adds Ester-C to the mix and Dr. Ken’s also features baking soda.


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