Green and Clean, Baby!

How to bathe your baby, safely and naturally

Baby products make bold claims about being gentle to the skin and eyes, but the truth is that most are just as toxic as adult products. This is particularly alarming because babies can absorb proportionally more toxins than adults. And some of those toxins build up over time and can pose serious health threats later in life. Even bath time can expose kids to dirty toxins. With a little planning though, it can be avoided. 

Ditch the toxic soap

If you want to wash your baby or toddler clean of dirt and toxins, the first step is to stop using baby wash that contains fragrance, dyes, harsh preservatives and antibacterial agents. Instead, look for the mildest products available and resist the urge to over-clean your kids. Products that list all of their ingredients on the label are more likely to be green.

If you have a newborn, most experts recommend washing in warm water alone. Soap does more to dry-out than to clean a baby’s skin. Even older babies only need to be washed with soap every two to three days.

When babies hit the toddler phase, they crawl and then walk themselves into every dirty corner, puddle and mud pit you never knew existed in and around your home. Now bath time becomes a bit more crucial and choosing a non-toxic wash even more important since you'll use it more.

To find out what kind of chemicals go into the baby wash you are currently using, you can look up the product online at the Environmental Working Group’s skin deep website.

Filter your bath water

If you’re concerned or in the dark about what’s in your tap water, use a bath water filter. This one eliminates 95% of the chlorine used to treat your water and other toxins that may be contaminating your water.

Master the technique

Now that you have clean soap and clean water, here’s how to wash a baby. Fill a baby tub with 2 to 3 inches of warm but not hot water. Support your baby’s neck and head, while you pour water over his or her body by squeezing a washcloth or using a small cup. Use a wet washcloth to gently wipe from head to toe and rinse. Wrap your baby in an organic towel and hug dry!

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