Great Fruit for Your Skin

You are what you eat, and that goes for the outside of the body as much as the inside. Yet the temptation to slather ourselves in chemicals and petroleum by-products in the shower is nearly irresistible—even though we’d never allow those same chemicals anywhere near the rest of our daily routines. Plus the prohibitive cost of boutique body care products is really not a trend we care to support (or afford) for long. Fortunately nourishing your skin can be as easy as nourishing your stomach and your next facial could be just a trip to the farmers' market away. Here are a few of our favorite varieties of skin fruits and how to use them.


Use mashed avocado as a face mask once or twice a week to take advantage of the vitamin-rich oils of this New World “wonder fruit.” You can also use the inner peel as a moisturizer by rubbing gently against the skin with upward strokes, or make a pre-wash hair conditioner by combining mashed avo with a beaten egg and a dash of olive oil.


Hydrating, ph-balanced cucumbers both tone the skin and soothe it. Use grated cucumber as an après sun mask, or slice a couple of rounds and place them over your eyes for about fifteen minutes to reduce puffiness.


Oily skin will respond well to a mixture of mashed banana, a spoonful of honey, and a few drops of citrus. Normal skin will prefer banana mashed with a little yogurt or exfoliating oatmeal.


Papayas not only contain enzymes which promote good digestion and sooth nausea, but they’re also chock full of beta carotene, antioxidants, and alpha hydroxides. Especially effective on troubled, blemish-prone skin, the peel of a green papaya can be rubbed gently across the face in a circular motion to exfoliate, and the fruit can be blended until smooth to be used as a mask.


Troubled or oily skin may also benefit from having a lemon peel rubbed against it to inhibit grease production. Or combine lemon, orange, or grapefruit juice with finely ground sea salt to make an invigorating skin scrub.



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