Good Green Love on Valentine’s Day

Discover delicious and delightful green ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and share your love with the world as well as your sweetheart.

Feeling red with anger this Valentine’s Day? Sure, there’s a lot to be peeved about. You’re probably thinking about all those virgin rainforests being cut down for throwaway V-Day cards. Or cringing about the absurd amounts of pesticides dumped into waterways for long-stemmed roses that will only last four days. And what about the laborers on cacao farms whose low wages can hardly afford the cheap heart-shaped chocolates they produce?

There, there. Don’t get so worked up. Besides, nobody will want to cuddle with you under that big wet blanket. Fact is, greenies can bah-humbug all they want, but Valentine’s Day isn’t going anywhere. Finding alternative ways to celebrate is the real way to show the love on February 14th.

Check your chocolate labels and be sure to choose organic and fair trade certified. Theo Chocolate has scrumptious handcrafted confections that will make the mouth water and the knees tremble.

Ditch disposable flowers for a present that will last several more Februaries. Instead of a cut flower bouquet, choose a potted orchid, rosemary topiary, or if you must do roses, try a romantic climbing red rose vine that can be planted in the yard. At the very least, choose eco-friendly organic flowers.

Get crafty with your Valentine cards by using up old paper and fabric scraps to show the love. If you still don’t know how to use scissors, make sure to buy cards printed on recycled paper or support scrap happy eco-crafters on sites like Etsy.

If you’ll be getting down on one knee and giving a rock this year, steer clear of sketchy diamonds and dirty gold. Brilliant Earth has a large selection of lovely conflict-free diamonds. Surprisingly, Tiffany and Co. also has an impressive corporate social responsibility program, including responsible precious metal mining and refusal to use real coral in their jewelry. Or if your budget is tighter, go historical by picking up a vintage bauble at a consignment shop.

Let your presence be your present. Do yoga with your sweetie, and then do some handholding at the farmers’ market while picking out in-season eco-aphrodisiac foods to cook a romantic dinner for two. Don’t forget the organic bubbly and soy candles to set the mood!

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