Go Green to Save Green

Discover the basic eco-steps you can take to save money during this economic downturn!

No, the price tags on Linda Loudermilk's eco-dresses aren't representative of the green lifestyle. In fact, the most basic steps you can take to go green can save money! Some recent tips on how to be an environmentalist during this economic downturn:

Eat well on the cheap. Take Ann Monroe's advice from the National Geographic's The Green Guide, and plan your menu ahead to eat in season. Plus, the article shows you how to make the most of your leftovers — along with recipes that let you put over-ripe tomatoes and extra celery to good use so you save money on food costs.

Become an energy-efficient renter. Think you can't make changes because you don't own your home? Renters still have much greening they can do, as Umbra reveals in Grist. Bring down your energy bill by using CFLs, unplugging appliances, and even cleaning your refrigerator coils!

Ditch the bottled water habit already! Everyone else is doing it! WorldWatch Institute reports that the U.S. bottled water market is slowing down. Why? According to WorldWatch, "international awareness campaigns may be curbing consumer demand,” but economic reasons are likely also playing a role. A reusable bottle, always refillable with filtered tap water, is a gift that keeps on giving...and one that saves you money!



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